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Unleash Big Data’s Huge Potential

Mind your Data Mining

Large enterprises collate huge amounts of data from various sources and convert them into useful information and smart analytics to create a strategic roadmap with proven technology initiatives. The three V’s articulate the definition of big data, Volume, Variety and Velocity. Volume determines huge amounts of data been stored at one singularity point, whilst velocity determines the speed at which data is streaming, variety would be variants of data that are collated for analysis.

Large organizations heavily rely on information and analytics to reduce time and cost, as well as optimize their processes with smart development and new offerings. Big data gives you the power to determine failures and bottle-necks in real time and calculating risk components in a matter of minutes, and detecting fraudulent behaviour in the system.

Selecting the perfect big data solution and provider is extremely to handle information and projects of large magnitudes. Your data must be stored with the right vendor or even migrated, if need be. With such complexity, it becomes difficult to select the right vendor, Garanntor delivers the best possible solutions with state-of-the-art hardware and rock-solid software. Our comprehensive suite of Big Data services generates big data service and solutions across a broad spectrum, our offerings include big data consulting to manage and support.

Business Collaterals using Big Data:


Keep track of student progress for better study evaluation for students and teachers.


Curtail Fraud and Risk whilst maintaining compliance and strong partnerships with customers and enterprises.


Maintain healthcare regulations by collating patient records, treatments and prescriptions for data analysis to improve patient treatment and care.


The retail sector is a huge market, and thus requires new and optimum ways to manage big data. New marketing techniques need to be deployed to gain more business and handle huge transactions.