5 Tips on How to Have a Great Website

5 tips on how to have a great website

Having a website is important, but having a great website that attract visitors is more important. Here are some tips to help you with your website,

1    What you build your website with

You can either use a website builder and do it yourself or engage the services of a website developer. Website builders are great for conventional websites and they are very easy to use without prior programming knowledge. Its just a drag and drop process. You may use CMS  like WordPress if you want a developer for your website since it requires some technical knowledge,although having a WordPress website also requires you to find a webhosting company with both MySQL and PHP support.On the other hand, one good thing about  CMS is that it is flexible.


2    The faster your pages load, the better

Make sure your website pages load very fast. Website visitors do not wait for a slow website, they simply leave and move on to the next. Even though internet connection keeps getting faster, remember websites are being loaded with contents as well;more images, more videos,more content to download and so on.One great tip on this is to reduce your content size as much as possible without having effect on the quality.You also need to consider website visitors that do not have access to very fast internet connection


3   Have a good Page Navigation

Your page needs a great navigation and this simply means your website should be easy to use and have clear and correct icons. Think of page navigation as road signs that direct you to where to go and how to get there. If your page navigation isn’t great, this simply increases your bounce rate.Try to use simple and precise link names such as contact us, Volunteer etc

It is also always advisable to have a link back to the homepage and this is usually the logo.


4   Writing

Write with your customers in mind.Think about what they need and what they want. Your website should contain clear messages without your visitors struggling to understand what is written.Write  with a clear call to action in mind.You can check competitors page to have an idea of how to go about your writing

Don’t write long stories as most people scan through websites and don’t actually read them.Also have in mind that your titles are very important. They have to be catchy enough for the visitor to want to continue reading.


5    Provide Relevant Information

When visitors come to your website, they seek answers.If your website does not provide that, they move on to the next website. Put important information on your site. Don’t be afraid of sharing too much such as prices.When your website is rich with information, chances that the visitor will stay and come back is very high

How to Setup your WHM/cPanel Reseller Account

Learn how to set up WHM/cPanel Reseller Account

Why You Should Register a Domain Name for Your Business Email

Why You Should Register a Domain Name for Your Business Email

Own a business or you are thinking of starting one? One of the things you have to do to help your business is registering a domain name for your business email.Although, one of the first step is registering a domain . There are lots of benefits attached to having a  business email package and this is discussed below;

Free Webmail Services Screams Unprofessional
If your argument is that Gmail and Yahoo provide good free email services you can try to picture this; if you are trying to buy a service or product and two companies are trying to pitch for sales from you, which salesperson would you pick
Greatmoon@gmail.com or sales@business.com
Using free email addresses instead of  business email package detracts the customer from your value you are offering by trying to figure out if you are real or not while your competitors use custom email, this may be the only factor that sends business elsewhere. You may think an email address shouldn’t validate your credibility, but businesses creates impressions on peoples’ minds on some subconscious level but make sure that impression is not marred by a free email address.
You are in control when someone leaves our company
If an employee of yours leaves your company and was using his personal email for the business, you won’t be able to have access to those emails. To be on the safe side however, registering a domain name for your email saves you all that stress and keeps you in control of all email addresses created.
First impressions Count
You are really putting in a lot to make sure you make the right impression with prospective clients when they go to your homepage but the truth is not everyone comes to your website before they get in touch with you via email and when you send mails with branded email, it gives an air of being an established professional and that you take your long term branding seriously
Cohesive Branding
Since your website is essentially operating as your company’s primary point of contact for people online, using branded emails add weight to your brand and builds trust.
The more your branding comes together, the more trust people put in your brand and refer other people You can drive this trust home better by investing in a business email package or branded email

You can create as many emails you need
Even if you are the only one in the company for now, you can send mails from different emails depending on the purpose of the mail. For sales, you can create sales@business.com, for information info@business.com. And when eventually you hire someone for that role, the person simply takes off from where you left off.

After subscribing for the a business email account, you can easily setup on Microsoft outlook

How Do I Transfer My Existing Domain to Garanntor?

How to transfer your existing domain to another host

Wondering what is domain transfer process?

The process of transferring your domain from one registrar to another is not difficult.You just have to follow a few steps with the old and new registrar . After carefully choosing the right  hosting company,You will need to follow the steps below before starting the transfer process;

Request for your domain Epp code from your registrar (see how to get an EPP code) and have it handy so that you can provide it to your new registrar. When you want a domain transfer, you will need to get the EPP code. The transfer cannot be initiated without the EPP code.

Unlock the domain name before initiating the transfer. This can be done from the domain panel of your current registrar. If your domain is locked, your transfer will not be successful.

Disable WHOIS domain protection on your domain name before starting the transfer. This can be done from the control panel of your current registrar or you request for it from your current registrar.

Make sure the WHOIS information (email, address, phone no etc) matches your personal information with the registrar you intend transferring to. This can be changed from your current registrar’s domain control panel.

Once all the steps above have been taken and transfer process initiated, your, the registrar you intend to transfer to will send a transfer approval request to the email address listed in the WHOIS details of your domain which should be your email address. You must approve the request before the process can continue.

After approval, the registrar you intend to transfer to will send a request to your current registrar for the release of your domain name to them. You can contact your current registrar for assistance.

If you do not know your current domain registrar is, you can do a WHOIS search on your domain name to find out.Some hosting companies like garanntor offer free domain transfer

For more information on what is domain transfer process ? See also How do i transfer domain name to Garanntor. 

How to Get an EPP/Auth Code from your Domain Registrar

How to Get an EPP/Auth Code from your Domain Registrar

An EPP or authorization code is 6 to 16-character code required by your new registrar when transferring domain to Garanntor. How long the transfer takes depends on the following steps.Listed below is how to get EPP code from cPanel from different registrars.
To get your EPP from WHOGOHOST, you need to first unlock your domain name. The following steps shows how to go about it

If the registrar lock has been enabled on your domain, you need to first unlock. The lock helps to prevent unauthorized domain transfer without your permission. Simply disable the registrar lock on your domain. To do this.
1) Login to your Whogohost client panel.

2)Click on “Domains” link in the menu bar.

3) In the “Manage Domain” section click on domain name that you want to transfer.

4) Now click on the “Get EPP Code” button on the left side of your panel.

5) You will now see your EPP code as shown below.

Copy and save your EPP code for any domain transfer.


1. Login to your Domainking.NG client Panel.

2. Click on “My Domains” link in the top menu bar.

3. Click on the “Manage this Domain” icon next to the domain you want its EPP code

4.Scroll down to “Management Tools” section and click on the “Get EPP Code” button.

5.After clicking Get EPP code button you will see the EPP code of your domain name on your screen.


Below is how to get EPP code from cPanel from Web4africa

1. Login to the Web4Africa Clients Area.
2. Go to “Services” then “Domains” after login.
3. Click on the specific domain you wish to obtain the code for and then the “Auth Info / EPP Key” tab.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click on the “Request Auth Info / EPP Key” button.

If you have any other question concerning EPP code to transfer domain to garanntor, you can contact our 24/7 support team.

Why you Should Buy all of your Domain Name Extensions

Why you Should Buy all of your Domain Name Extensions

Your domain name is the first foundation of your website. Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is one of the most important decisions you’ll make concerning your website.. It’s also something that lasts with you for a long time after registering the domain name . How do you give it the proper time and attention? Should you buy all of your domain name extensions ?

So, you own a website www.example.com and you wonder if you should buy the other extensions like;
• www.example.net
• www.example.org
• www.example.info
• and the list goes on.
Well, here’s the analysis, when you purchase all the domain extensions, no one has the domain name that matches yours. This is important to protect your brand. It would be unsettling after putting all the hard work into your site, your products and your branding for your .com only to realize that someone else has bought the .org and is now a competitor with you.It could either be accidental or intentional but if there are domain names that should be part of your brand and you dont own them,nothing stops someone else from buying it.Once they buy it, there’s nothing you can do to buy it back except they sell it back to you at a very expensive rate.Some brands have had the downside of not purchasing all of their domain extensions and realizing that someone their domain with a different extension to write about them. This can impact your business negatively a great deal.

Your online reputation is a priority. Owning all of your domain extensions can be a powerful asset. This allows you create sites and rank them well in addition to your main site. The more control you have of your online brand the better off you are.

In addition, People can make spelling errors typing your domain name. You can simply buy the other extensions and redirect them to your main website.

You can also avert issues like clones sparking up with similar addresses like yours.

Basically, the answer to the question should you buy all of your domain name extensions lies with thinking of an easy and less expensive way of protecting your identity online.

10 Benefits of Using WordPress to Build your Website

Benefits of Using WordPress to Build your Website

Gone are the days you need a website designer to build a website. Thanks to WordPress features and benefits, you can use WordPress to build your website on your own. Now you may wonder what WordPress is; WordPress is a content management system (CMS) available. This software enables you to easily create, manage, edit and publish content on your website without having to learn any programming at all. It is used by both big organizations and small businesses.
Still thinking about WordPress hosting? Here are ten WordPress features and benefits.
1.Easy to Use. WordPress is really simple to use, starting from installation of the software to creating your website and management. Depending on where you intend to host your domain, some may even have one-click installation for WordPress. Garanntor for example offers this service for WordPress. Once installation is completed, most users will agree that creating a website is not very difficult.
2 Cost Effective. Creating a website now does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Using WordPress to build your website is extremely cost effective. The maintenance and upkeep are cheap as things can be done yourself instead of calling a designer anytime you need to update your website.
3 Manage Your Site Anywhere You Are
With WordPress, you can update the contents of your website anytime and anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.
4 You can change your website design anytime. Because WordPress uses themes for websites, you can decide to change your theme anytime. You only require a few clicks to change the total look of your website.
5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ready. The codes used for WordPress is very simple and tidy. This makes it easy for search engines to read and index the contents of a site. WordPress has a well-designed dashboard that is very simple to use. Even a child should be able to browse through the available options on the dashboard.
6 Built-in blog capabilities. WordPress has made it very easy to have a blog on your site which is very popular today. The blog can be used to provide information and resources to your customers

7Large Online Community. In case you have issues with your WordPress website, there is always help. You can find solution from the large and very active WordPress sommunity. There’s the WordPress forums and websites dedicated to giving help and support.
8 Increased Site Security. Sometimes back, the primary criticism against WordPress when it was first conceived is poor security. The myth has been debunked. You can fortify your WordPress  site’s security and make it hacking-proof. The same cannot be said for traditional sites.
9 Scale the Website with Plugins
WordPress plugins allow you to extend how functional your website can be. By using these plugins, you can do a lot on your website. For example, you can create a checkout system, add a contact page, create landing pages with just few clicks. WordPress has over 43,000 plugins available. There are indeed plenty of options available
9.Mobile Devices Friendly. Its important to have a mobile-friendly website. WordPress is responsive and supports all screen sizes and mobile platforms. Unlike custom-made HTML websites, you don’t have to create a separate version of your website for smartphones and tablets. WordPress themes come pre-optimized for mobile screens.

Want to read more about WordPress features and benefits or why you should use WordPress to build your website?. Check difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org  and How to migrate your WordPress Site to Garanntor

Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different platforms on WordPress. Most often, beginners confuse the two which makes them choose the wrong platform.Lets discuss the major differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org blogs.

This is the popular WordPress website platform you hear about. Its open source and free to use. You need a domain name and web hosting(WordPress hosting) to get started, that is why it’s also called self-hosted WordPress.Successful blogs sometimes have to move to this platform. Here are some major points about WordPress.org;
 It is free, easy to install and use
 You need a domain name and web host to get started.
 You can install custom themes if you wish
 You are in full control of your site. You control your website and all its data.
 If you want, you can install WordPress plugin to your website to extend the functionality of your website
 You can make money from your site through ads and not have to share the money
 You can use powerful tools for custom analytics and tracking. (e.g. google analytics)
 You can create an online ecommerce store on this platform. You can accept credit card payments and deliver to your clients. All these can be done on WordPress.
 You do not have to register on this platform to get started.
 You are responsible for updates and backups but thankfully, WordPress update is just by clicking the update button.

The free WordPress.com platform is a good choice for hobby bloggers and those starting a blog for any reason. Here are some major points about WordPress.com

 It’s free for a certain amount of space. After 3GB of space, you’ll have to switch to a paid plan to get more space
 All updates and backup will be done by WordPress.com. You don’t have to worry about that.
 Ads on all free websites. People on your site will see the ads but you don’t make money from it. You have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want a site without ads.
 You cannot sell ads on your website. If you want to place ads on your site, you have to apply for WordAds (WordPress advertising program) where you can share revenue with them.
 You are not allowed to upload plugins.
 You are not allowed to upload custom themes.
 For the free plan, you are restricted to WordPress statistics. You cannot use google ads or any other tracking platform of your choice.
 Your site can get deleted anytime if they think you have violated their Terms of Service.
 The free plan displays a powered by WordPress.com link. You can upgrade to the Business plan if you want it removed.
 There is no payment platform on this site.
From the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org blogs listed, it is obvious that WordPress.Com is quite limited when its free but to unlock some advanced features requires the Business Plan but if you are a blogger that is not concerned about making money, the going with WordPress.com won’t be an issue.

Still don’t know which to choose and want more information about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org blogs, contact our 24/7 support team.