5 Tips on How to Have a Great Website

5 tips on how to have a great website

Having a website is important, but having a great website that attract visitors is more important. Here are some tips to help you with your website,

1    What you build your website with

You can either use a website builder and do it yourself or engage the services of a website developer. Website builders are great for conventional websites and they are very easy to use without prior programming knowledge. Its just a drag and drop process. You may use CMS  like WordPress if you want a developer for your website since it requires some technical knowledge,although having a WordPress website also requires you to find a webhosting company with both MySQL and PHP support.On the other hand, one good thing about  CMS is that it is flexible.


2    The faster your pages load, the better

Make sure your website pages load very fast. Website visitors do not wait for a slow website, they simply leave and move on to the next. Even though internet connection keeps getting faster, remember websites are being loaded with contents as well;more images, more videos,more content to download and so on.One great tip on this is to reduce your content size as much as possible without having effect on the quality.You also need to consider website visitors that do not have access to very fast internet connection


3   Have a good Page Navigation

Your page needs a great navigation and this simply means your website should be easy to use and have clear and correct icons. Think of page navigation as road signs that direct you to where to go and how to get there. If your page navigation isn’t great, this simply increases your bounce rate.Try to use simple and precise link names such as contact us, Volunteer etc

It is also always advisable to have a link back to the homepage and this is usually the logo.


4   Writing

Write with your customers in mind.Think about what they need and what they want. Your website should contain clear messages without your visitors struggling to understand what is written.Write  with a clear call to action in mind.You can check competitors page to have an idea of how to go about your writing

Don’t write long stories as most people scan through websites and don’t actually read them.Also have in mind that your titles are very important. They have to be catchy enough for the visitor to want to continue reading.


5    Provide Relevant Information

When visitors come to your website, they seek answers.If your website does not provide that, they move on to the next website. Put important information on your site. Don’t be afraid of sharing too much such as prices.When your website is rich with information, chances that the visitor will stay and come back is very high

Google Marks all Non HTTPS Website “Not Secure”-SSL Certificate Now Important

How to fix the HTTP not secure message in google chrome for HTTP websites

SSL(Secure sockets layer) certificate creates a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser. When SSL certificate is installed ,it activates the padlock and the HTTPS protocol which ensures web security.

In 2015, google chrome started down-ranking unencrypted websites (websites without SSL certificate).Also, nearly two years ago, Chrome announced that all sites not encrypted with HTTPS will be marked as not secured. This is all in a bid for google to make the internet safer.  The not secure label in google chrome started with the release of chrome 56 in January,2017 targeting only websites that required password or credit care information. Later in October 2017, Chrome 62 was released and this labelled any unencrypted website that asked users to input data as “not secure”. Chrome 62 also labelled all non HTTP websites visited in Incognito mode as “not secure”. The release of chrome 68 in July 2018 goes a step further by marking all non HTTP websites with the label “not secure” For users with the latest version of Chrome browser opening a  non HTTP website , instead of the usual green padlock label that appears in the URL bar and the label secure for encrypted sites, visitors to all unencrypted websites will see the words “not secure”. Clicking on this will warn the users from inputting any sensitive information (credit card info, personal details etc) on such page.

HTTPS encryption protects the channel that is between the website you are visiting and your web browser, ensuring no middle man can hijack, tamper or spy on what you are doing. Without encryption, an attacker can intercept information sent from your end to websites, or inject malware into legitimate sites which causes the not secure label in google chrome. HTTPS can be obtained by buying SSL certificate from web hosting companies. Garanntor for example offers free SSL certificate with their web hosting services.

HTTPS sites are a lot more secure; they keep third parties from pushing targeted ads and prevent malware attacks..

Due to the  initial not secure warning from chrome 56, Google says 81 out of 100 top websites are encrypted. Google hopes that there will continue to be an increase in encrypted websites


Google is determined to take these security measures a step further. The next version of Google chrome is set to launch September 2018 and this will display the “not secure” warning on  all unencrypted HTTP websites in red while the green “secure” label on all HTTPS websites will be changed to  a less prominent black colour.

A future version of google chrome will remove the ‘secure’ label from HTTPS sites completely, re-establishing Google’s stance that web security should be normal.


The only way to solve the not secure label in google chrome is to get and install SSL certificate  via your hosting company and migrate from HTTP to HTTPS as not doing this can scare visitors away .Ideally, you should migrate your entire website to HTTPS and not just some pages. Below are other reasons to enable HTTPS on your website;

HTTPS improves privacy and website security

HTTPS improves Google rankings and SEO

HTTPS improves speed as HTTP2 is faster that HTTP

HTTPS improves customer confidence and helps website credibility

At Garanntor, SSL certificate for enabling HTTPS on a website is free

Why You Should Opt For a Virtual Data Center (VDC) Instead of a Virtual Server

Why you should opt for a virtual data center(VDC) instead of virtual server

What is Virtual Data Center.A Virtual Data center (VDC) is a pool of cloud resources (virtual CPUs, RAM, HDD, networks) that enables you  replace the need to operate your own datacenter. In other terms, one of the benefits of virtual data center is that you don’t have to buy and house your servers.Instead of housing the servers, you have access to virtual servers which allows you access to all business applications you need.Virtual servers affords flexibility and scalability as needed. In simpler terms, you have as many virtual servers you need without having to buy, house, or provision a physical machine. In this environment,you can create virtual machines, containers (vApps), networks. You can increase its capacity when needed by adding new resources (CPUs, RAM, drives, IP-addresses) A vDC contains public and private catalogues of VM templates so you can build new virtual machines quickly, or upload VMs that are already running in your other environments. Central to the vDC are vApp’s

A virtual server on the other hand is a separate virtual machine with an operating system that was preinstalled. Virtual servers however are not connected to each other through local network.The operating system for virtual server also depends on a lot of factors.Although, virtual server has its benefits, benefits of virtual data center far outweighs that of a virtual server.

Going for Virtual Data Center instead of virtual server has lots of advantages. Benefits of virtual data center include;
Timely provision of IT resources for a company growing rapidly
A start up company or a developing company cannot predict in advance the resources that will be required but there’s no need to worry because with VDC, there are more resource compared to virtual server.
Most times, it turns out that demand significantly exceeds the cautious expectations of business owners. The existing IT infrastructure is unable to take on more load, instead of a costly and resource intensive upgrade, VDC can always be used from the inception.
Cost Effectiveness
Virtual data center can be cost effective in the long run. Instead of constantly upgrading your virtual server plans, there are enough resources on VDC that can be used for a long time.

The table below better explain features of a virtual data center and a virtual server

FeaturesVirtual data centerVirtual server
SSH, RDP access
Expand disk space without changing tariff or price
Access to virtual machine through web console
Install your own operating system
Create your own templates for virtual machine
Import/export virtual machine templates, ISO-images
Creation of local network
Load Balancer
Request additional IPs
Increase Internet speed up to 1 GB/s

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How to Setup your WHM/cPanel Reseller Account

Learn how to set up WHM/cPanel Reseller Account

Windows Reseller Hosting Setup Guide – Plesk

Windows Reseller Hosting Setup Guide-Plesk

How to import a Website to Garanntor Website Builder

Import a Website to Garanntor Website Builder

How to Build a Website with Zero Programming Knowlegde

Build a Website with Zero Programming knowledge with Garanntor Website Builder

Wondering how to build a personal or business website and don’t even know where to start from? Worried it will take to long and cost too much?Want to build a free website with website builder.Be rest assured you are at the right place. You do not have to know programming to be a website genius. Using a Website builder is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to build a website.
Choose a Plan
The type of website you intend to build and the specifications you have in mind will determine the website builder plan you will opt for. The website builder plans come in different specifications that bests suits whatever you have in mind for your website.
Choose your domain
Domain name is the long address that you input in the browsers search bar; simply called your website. If you don’t already have a domain name, you need to pick a domain name , either a personal domain or for your business,and register the domain name first before you can build a website.(Read more on overview of registration of domain names)

Pick Your Template

Now you have registered a domain name and you have a picked a plan for the website builder, The next step is to pick your template; that is actually creating the website you want. Garanntor website builder comes with over 200+ website builder templates.Templates are actually what determines how your website will look like, where things like the header will be or the menu bar, the content width of your site.
Website builder templates are excellent so anyone can use them to populate a site and makes it look good. Whichever website builder plan you’ve chosen, it comes with varieties of templates to choose from. If you don’t like one particular template, you can always change it to anyone . These are some questions to ask when picking a template for your website
• Do you want a modern, professional or traditional look?
• Should your design’s header tell the whole story of your business? Does it reflect what your business is all about?

Work on Your Template
Go to the top
Next step is customizing your template.You really do want your website to stand out from all others. You can edit premade features of your template to anyhow you want.
The template image is just a set design. You can decide to use it or choose to add your own images although most website builder templates provide very high quality images so you can as well use them.
In customizing your template, you may

• Add new pages to your menu
• Change the colours, fonts and sizes of the buttons on your menu
• Edit the images on the homepage gallery
• Choose another colour palette for your template
Preview & Test Your Website

You have to preview your website after customizing the template. You need to make sure your site functions and looks the way you want it to be. Here are some things you need to look out for;
Are all the menu buttons working properly? Do they take you to where they should?
Are all the spellings correct?
Is there enough information about your business on the website?
Asking family and friend to go through your website is another good idea; they may be able to point out something you are didn’t previously see.
Now that you have reread and rechecked everything. You can simply go ahead and publish your website. Its that easy.

Own a Website before?

importing you website to garanntor is as easy as creating one with the website builder.You can import your website to a garanntor using our Website Builder
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How CDN Works

How Content Delivery Network(CDN) really Works

Wonder how CDN network works. ?Content delivery network refers to a group of servers that are geographically distributed to provide fast delivery of internet content. They are the backbone of the Internet in terms of content delivery. Whether you are aware or not, every one of us interacts with CDNs on a daily basis; whether you shop online, own an ecommerce store, watching videos, reading articles or going through posts on social media.
No matter what you do, or what type of content you consume, chances are that you’ll find CDNs behind every character of text, every image pixel and every movie frame that gets delivered to your PC and mobile browser. CDN services continue to grow in popularity and most web traffic is served through CDNs
To really understand how CDN network works, you first need to understand the issue they are designed to solve. This is known as latency. It’s that delay you experience when you load the url of a page to that time you see the contents on your screen.
The delay experienced is caused by a number of factors, some caused by specific websites but in all cases, the delay is caused by the physical distance between where you website hosting a server is located and where you are. Therefore, how CDN network works is to shorten that physical distance thus making websites load faster with better performance.
When you load that website URL , the web browser requests for a resource, the first action is to make a DNS request. Making a DNS request is similar to looking for a phone number in a phone book. The browser offers a domain name and expects an IP address in return. With the IP address, the browser then contacts the web server directly for subsequent requests.
How does CDN improve website load times?
When it comes to website speed, users drop off quickly as the site slows down. CDN can help reduce load times in the following ways;
• The globally distributed nature of a CDN means reduce distance between users and website resources. Instead of having to connect to wherever a website’s origin server may live, a CDN lets users connect to a geographically closer data centre. Less travel time means faster service.
• Hardware and software optimizations such as efficient load balancing and solid-state hard drives can help data reach the user faster.
• CDNs can reduce the amount of data that’s transferred by reducing file sizes using tactics such as minification and file compression. Smaller file sizes mean quicker load times.
CDNs are very useful for a different reason. For website owners who have visitors in multiple geographic locations, content will be delivered faster to these users as there is less distance to travel. CDN users also benefit from the ability to easily scale up and down much more easily due to traffic spikes.

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How Do I Transfer My Existing Domain to Garanntor?

How to transfer your existing domain to another host

Wondering what is domain transfer process?

The process of transferring your domain from one registrar to another is not difficult.You just have to follow a few steps with the old and new registrar . After carefully choosing the right  hosting company,You will need to follow the steps below before starting the transfer process;

Request for your domain Epp code from your registrar (see how to get an EPP code) and have it handy so that you can provide it to your new registrar. When you want a domain transfer, you will need to get the EPP code. The transfer cannot be initiated without the EPP code.

Unlock the domain name before initiating the transfer. This can be done from the domain panel of your current registrar. If your domain is locked, your transfer will not be successful.

Disable WHOIS domain protection on your domain name before starting the transfer. This can be done from the control panel of your current registrar or you request for it from your current registrar.

Make sure the WHOIS information (email, address, phone no etc) matches your personal information with the registrar you intend transferring to. This can be changed from your current registrar’s domain control panel.

Once all the steps above have been taken and transfer process initiated, your, the registrar you intend to transfer to will send a transfer approval request to the email address listed in the WHOIS details of your domain which should be your email address. You must approve the request before the process can continue.

After approval, the registrar you intend to transfer to will send a request to your current registrar for the release of your domain name to them. You can contact your current registrar for assistance.

If you do not know your current domain registrar is, you can do a WHOIS search on your domain name to find out.Some hosting companies like garanntor offer free domain transfer

For more information on what is domain transfer process ? See also How do i transfer domain name to Garanntor.