Why Garanntor?

Garanntor delivers superior web infrastructure technology solutions and Web Hosting in South Africa, with global operations and a team of the industry’s best technologists. Garanntor renders Infrastructure-as-a-Service(Iaas)products for Virtual Solutions, Cloud Servers, Domains, Various Web Hosting requirements, Domain Security, Networking, Email and Apps and lots more. Our technology helps international organizations deliver global acumen, be it small, medium or seasoned organizations. Being there 24X7 requires state of the art technology and a smart workforce. With a plethora of high-tech centres, we are able to spin-up fast, scalable and secure infrastructures for low to heavy workloads.


Sharp On-Demand Managed Web Infrastructure Solutions

At Garanntor, we deliver holistic solutions for all your IaaS requirements. Our tech-support team is ready to deliver fanatical assistance for all our clients. Get in touch to know more about our plans, services and solutions that best suits your enterprise. Our cloud services are blazing fast as our data center is located in South Africa. With this technology, we can provide local services and solutions for your business, all our data centers are tier |||classified built for rock-solid performance and reliability.

Our plans tailored for your needs

Our services include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited web space and unlimited domains. We will setup your account as soon as the order is paid. Each top of the line server will be allocated to you without any hidden costs. Garanntor has been one of the easiest ways through which clients can create a global online presence. Customers can select from various hosting technologies like Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Shared Hosting and Cloud Services or products.  Our customers aren’t mere business propositions, but ardent friends and partners who grow every day as we work with them.

Our Story